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persian love … hollywood symphony -  holger czukay  (movies)

willow tree … forest … I see a man … the lady’s changing home … madeline … kew gardens  -  tudor lodge  (tudor lodge)

prepare yourself … giant child within us-ego … someday … I love the blues-she heard my cry  -  george duke  (I love the blues-she heard my cry)

in the grip of a tyre fitter’s hand … riding my nightmare … parents  -  budgie  (never turn your back on a friend)


"Persian Love" is simply one of the most beautiful pieces of music you are ever likely to hear. The idea of sampling a singer from another culture is commonplace nowadays - now a repetitive dance beat would simply be slapped on. Instead Holger weaves a complex and sinuous chord structure around the voice (which is pitch-changed to be either male or female) which is Bach by way of Lee Perry. Over this he overlays exquisite varispeeded guitar in his signature style - like a cross between African high life and Austrian zither, a nice encapsulation of his influences perhaps? 

from http://www.amazon.com/Movies-Holger-Czukay/dp/B0000067XH


The trio of Lyndon Green, John Stannard, and Ann Steuart, backed by a heavyweight band of folk and classical legends (the redoubtable rhythm section of Danny Thompson and Terry Cox included), Tudor Lodge were unashamedly pastoral — their music is the sound of a summer’s day in centuries past, where “grey-backed squirrels run to safety,” (“Forest”), ladies “disappear into the sunset, shrouded in organdie and wine” (“Willow Tree”), and even bloody battlefields become a place for quiet contemplation (“Help Me Find Myself”). And, all the while, clarinets twinkle, violins sigh, and cellos call to one another across the verdant fields.

from  http://www.allmusic.com/album/tudor-lodge-mw0000359080


last exit - live 1986

alvin’s aural decay

"I am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now. I am recording the sound of my speaking voice and I am going to play it back into the room again and again until the resonant frequencies of the room reinforce themselves so that any semblance of my speech, with perhaps the exception of rhythm, is destroyed. What you will hear, then, are the natural resonant frequencies of the room articulated by speech. I regard this activity not so much as a demonstration of a physical fact, but, more as a way to smooth out any irregularities my speech might have.”

The speaker reads a text that explains the procedure which involves recording the speech and then playing it back many times in the same room. It is re-recorded each time (on the second machine). The resonances of the room gradually cover most characteristics of the voice (except for rhythm) … In this realization, the speech is repeated 32 times. The effect is hypnotic, ethereal, and extremely intimate in the way the performer, in this case, the composer, interacts with his environment. (from allmusic guide)


hard school  -  last exit  (koln)

I am sitting in a room  -  alvin lucier  (Iam sitting in a room)

I need it … I want to ta-ta you baby … superman lover … ain’t that a bitch  -  johnny guitar watson  (ain’t that a bitch)

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The Wire’s “100 Records That Set The World On Fire (While No One Was Listening) 


sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band … a little help from my friends  -  the beatles  (sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band)

mockingbird  -  barclay james harvest  (once again)

from allmusic guide


real world … ever fallen in love … operators manual … nostalgia … just lust … sixteen again … walking distance … love is lies … nothing left … ESP … late for the train  -  the buzzcocks  (love bites)

a song for you … nu-po  -  donny hathaway  (in performance)

shamus ud doha bader ud doia  -  nusrat fateh ali khan  (shahen-shah)