pointless turntable list

gloria’s step … my man’s gone now … solar  -  bill evans trio  (sunday at the village vanguard)

the advenrt of panurge … raconteur troubadour … a cry for for everyone … knots  -  gentle giant  (octopus)

quiet sun: great stuff

… file between roxy music and matching mole …


dimples … hobo blues … I’M so excited … I love you honey … boogie chillun … little wheel  -  john lee hooker  (I’M john lee hooker)

R.F.D. … muumy was an asteroid, daddy was a small non-stick kitchen utensil … trot … sol caliente … trumpets with motherhood … bargain classics  -  quiet sun  (mainstream)

'How to cook a big menu with minimal ingredients and get away with it – Lesson 1'.  Ingredients: one fine little tune called Motherless Children, another fine piece called Walk Away, a Spock’s Beardish overture, a short cello intro (extracted from a song called Stranger in Your Soul) and one delicious guitar solo. Create your first epic by following the next simple steps. Take the cello intro (don’t throw away any remaining cello, you might need it later on). Add the Spock’s Beardish overture, the Motherless Children tune and the guitar solo, followed by the Walk Away song. All of this makes a fine piece of music of 11 minutes. What ?! Not long enough? Well, since you haven’t got any other ingredients, the only option you’ve got left is use some more of the same, creating a larger portion. Try this: add three different arrangements of Motherless Children, one more ounce of the guitar solo, two more spoons of the Spock’s Beard overture and top it off with another double dose of the guitar solo. How’s that? 27 minutes! Well done! You’re a fine trainee.                                        


'How to cook a big menu with minimal ingredients and get away with it - Epilogue'. You’ve done a fine job. With minimal ingredients you’ve prepared an enormous dinner in which the food is pushing the boundaries of the plates. For some it might be too much, and I personally have my doubts about the Morse school of cooking. An opposite of ‘haute cuisine’, the sheer abundance of ‘much of the same’ is just not to everybody’s taste. Nevertheless, I do like this menu better than the previous cooking book SMPTe and I have to admit I can’t help but enjoy the new recipes of Morse and Co., no matter how much I’d like to criticize their way of cooking. It’s hard to explain. It’s probably for the same reason why we eat ‘fast food’; because it’s just so damn good! Ladies and gentlemen, supper’s ready!

part of a very clever review/recipe for Bridge Across Forever from



two of us … dig a pony … across the universe … I me mine … dig it … let it be … maggie mae … I’ve got a feeling … one after 909 … the long and winding road … for you blue … get back  -  the beatles  (let it be)

That was ‘Can You Dig It?’ by Georgie Wood

and now we’d like to do ‘Hark, the Angels Come’.

"I Dig A Pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf Aids.
Phase one in which Doris gets her oats.”