pointless turntable list

                              richard harvey          brian gulland  

                    philip nestor      david oberle      graeme taylor

cover and cartoons by dan pearce

graham field - piano organ

alan barry - vocals bass guitar mellotron

andrew mcculloch  -  drums

Simon Sasparella (Steve Hillage) - lead guitar and vocals. Sim was born in Seatoller, Cumberland in 1948, and has been playing guitar for 11 years. His dark Northern ruggedness is offset by the coolness of his manner. These two qualities are reflected in his playing – heavy, emotional work, and soft, subtle sounds. He believes that music is the only really physical art form – and is in a lifelong search for the ultimate musical power, on the same scale as the rocky Lake District crags from whence he came.

Njerogi Gategaka (Mont Campbell) – bass guitar and vocals. Njerogi was born in Mzumi Springs, a small border town in the north of the Kenyan Rift Valley. He trained to be a Manjanga drummer for the local Kyuma dances, but came to England with family in 1962. He lived in Brighton for five years, then moved to London, where he formed Arzachel with Sim, Basil and Sam. He believes that music stems largely from the sexual urge, both of which have an integral part in rhythm, having been taught this as part of his drum training.

 Basil Dowling (Clive Brooks) – drums. Basil was born in Tottenham in 1947; as one would expect, he was an ardent Tottenham Hampton F.C. supporter in his younger days, but decided it would no longer be wise to go to football matches when his wiry bushy hair reached shoulder-length. He has been in seven groups, playing every conceivable style of music from dance band to skiffle. Basil is a heavy, violent drummer; he has been known to break fourteen sticks in as many bars. He believes that if it were not for Arzachel’s music, his violence would still be expressed in seat-slashing and toilet-roll throwing.

 Sam Lee-Uff (Dave Stewart) – organ. Sam was born in Lewisham in 1949 – he could play the piano when only two years old, and began to take organ lessons at the age of seven. He was expelled from public school, and spent eight months living on crusts, playing a battered accordion on street corners. This he refers to as his “hang-up” period. When the Psychedelic scene began to blossom, Sam joined various unsuccessful groups. Arzachel was a result of meeting up with Sim and Njerogi. Sam’s favourite artistes include HeinzMike RatledgeHolstP.J. ProbyVincent Crane. He believes music to be an expression of one’s inner being – this expression, he says, will lead to the ultimate spiritual liberation of one’s personality.

well, EMI sound effects were good enough for the Beatles and Pink Floyd…


just played

supper’s ready (live)  -  genesis  (archives 1967-75)

close to the edge  -  yes  (close to the edge)

echoes  -  pink floyd  (meddle)

which songs were fit to follow?

24/8/14: sunday morning ipod

haitian fight song  -  pentangle  (sweet child)

half baked  -  jimmy campbell  (time machine)

halwa  -  cluster  (sowiesoso                  )

the hammer  -  david ross macdonald  (southern crossing)

handful of riffs  -  eddie lang & lonnie Johnson  (jazz: the smithsonian anthology)

happy jack jingle  - the who  (30 years of maximum R&B)                 

hardcore orientale  -  elephant9  (prognosis: prog magazine sampler)

harpo’s head  -  stud  (strange pleasures)                                   

harpsichord shuffle  -  wynder k. frog  (strangely strange but oddly normal)                                   

hausmusik   -  harmonia  (musik von harmonia)

he’s a reptile  -  the soft boys  (underwater moonlight)

hear my train a-comin’  -  jimi hendrix  (valleys of neptune)

heaven and hell  -  the who  (live at leeds)                                   

heaven heath  -  mellow candle  (swaddling sngs)

heaven knows where you’ve been  -  hummingbird  ( heaven knows where you’ve been)                 

heavy duty judy  -  frank zappa  ( shut up ‘n play yer guitar)                 

heliocentric  -  sun ra  (heliocentric worlds, vol. 1)                 

hellbound train  -  savoy brown  (hellbound train)                 

help me find myself   -  tudor lodge  (tudor lodge)

here come the warm jets  -  eno  (here come the warm jets)

here comes mister time  -  if  (all good clean fun)

here comes the flood  -  peter gabriel  (the best prog rock album in the world … ever!)                                   

here comes the sun  -  the beatles  (abbey road)

here comes the weekend  -  dave edmunds  (itunes)

Johnny’s always running around trying to find certainty
He needs all the world to confirm that he ain’t lonely
Mary counts the walls
Knows he tires easily

Prog Magazine - VA samplers  P1-4