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lesser later but still worthwhile can albums


let’s go out tonight … groove master … wavelength … stay out of the light  -  nile rodgers  (b-movie matinee)

girl on a swing … song for insane times … stop this train (again doing it) … eleanor’s cake which ate her  -  kevin ayers  (joy of a toy)

stranger in blue suede shoes - kevin ayers:  fennario - michael chapman:  same old rock (end section) - roy harper:  hotel room - edgar broughton band:  evervescing elephant - syd barrett:  10538 overture - electric light orchestra  -  various artists  (harvest festival)

doll squad  -  nile rodgers  (b-movie matinee)

ain’t that a bitch  -  johnny guitar watson (ain’t that a bitch)

somebody’s watching you … sing a simple song … everyday people  -  sly and the family stone  (stand!)

great music that will clear a room within 3 mins (part 2)

twin infinitives  -  royal trux

twin infinitives - royal trux
Rarely do I EVER(!) give an album 5 stars but this is one of the few that actually deserve it… “Twin Infinities” is something that keeps calling back if I haven’t listened to it in a day or so. I really cannot go 24 hours without listening to this album. For most this will be unlistenable garbage but if you - here comes the catch phrase - “get it” you will never let go of this album. Even when the album is at it’s most messy and incoherent you can still hear the underlying riff and song underneath it all after you’ve listened to it about five times or so. This is also great to put on when you’ve got people over you dislike and want gone in a hurry. I wish I could describe the album better but its something you need to hear for yourself and give it a chance and keep listening to it and if you still don’t “get it” then at least you have a rare album that’s a pain to find. But if you’ve somehow gotten to this page then I highly recommend getting this album because it’s beyond brilliant, just give it a chance and you will not disappointed…

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breadfan … baby please don’t go …you know I’ll always love you … you’re the biggest thing since powdered milk  -  budgie  (never turn your back on a friend)

oh lord give us more money  -  holger czukay  (movies)

chariot … look into her eyes … sister serene … that’s what she said … mashavu … rokkinrowl, I don’t know  -  george duke  (I love the blues, she heard my cry)

chances are the comets in our future … yin jim versus the vomit creature  -  royal trux  (twin infinitives)


                          1974                                                            1975